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ignore the shitty graphic

Okay so this was a request from last week, I guess? After I posted that KnB graphic (which was not that successful anyway it had a lot of errors. ew.). Then I wrote in my faq that I’m not gonna share it for the meantime but I promised that I’ll make a tutorial instead. 

So here it is, the long promised tuts. I decided to finally post it since I somehow know now how to do things in AE. This will disclose at least some of my techniques in Photoshop but who cares anyway all I make is crap lol (im not exaggerating they look crap to me omg). That one in my KnB graphic was a beta. It was my first time so it was really awful. WE’RE GONNA DO THIS THING FROM SCRATCH.

Things you’ll need when doing this:

  1. Patience. Tons of it. Yes, TONS.
  2. Photoshop CS5 Extended or CS6 Extended

I made this tutorial hastily so the output isn’t that quality. ごめんなさい。orz

Please like or reblog if you found this helpful. Just that. Thankies. 

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